Civil Works
and Construction

Civil workroad construction and maintenance

Building worksconstruction and rehabilitation

Hydrahulic infrastructurespecialist in hydrahulic works

Irrigation solutionsconstruction of rafts and irrigation systems

Welcome to Codelsur Proyectos company!

Civil Works

Road construction.

Maintenance, preservation and improvements works.

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Works and reforms.

Execution of comprehensive construction projects, building , renovations , restorations, painting, demolitions.

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Irrigation systems

Pipeline execution in irrigable areas.

We are specialist in big pipeline dimension and construction.

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Hydrahulic Infrastructure

We are specialist.

Specialist in all type of hydrahulic infrastructures working on high technical complex projects.

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Codelsur Facilidad

Partner of Codelsur Proyectos.

CODELSUR FACILIDAD is a Building and property management Company . “Making things easier” is our motto. Maintenance, repairings, improvements of properties, economical and legal management .

Customer first and improving society

CODELSUR PROYECTOS is positioned as a company leader in the infrastructure development industry, with a clear and defined mission.

First Customer philosophy and improving society, generating wealth to guarantee the wellbeing of the citizens it serves, in the final analysis, is a primordial part of the CODELSUR PROYECTOS’ company mission.

The CODELSUR PROYECTOS’ commitment to society is summarised in four fields of action:

1. Respect for ethics, integrity and professionalism in the Group’s relationship with its Stakeholders.
2. Respect for the social, economic and environmental setting.
3. Promotion of innovation and research in its application to infrastructure development.
4. Creation of employment and well-being, as an economic motor for society.

This performance and all the Group’s activities are impregnated with the corporate values that CODELSUR has developed over its 23 years of history and form the basis of the actions of all the company’s employees:

- Achieving Profitability
- Respecting Integrity
- Commitment to their work
- Seeking the client’s trust
- Excellence in their professional activities

Guarantee of Quality and RCS

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy establish the basic and specific principles for action for CODELSUR PROYECTOS and Group companies in this matter, as well as in the Group’s relationship with its setting.

The CODELSUR PROYECTOS’ Group defines stakeholders as groups with the capacity to have an influence on the achievement of the organisation’s objectives. Outstanding among these are its:

CLIENTS, EMPLOYEES, SUPPLIERS . And the infrastructure users who benefits from its policies related to QUALITY, INNOVATION, SOCIAL ACTION, ENVIRONMENT.

The basic principles for action of the CODELSUR PROYECTOS Group in relation to its stakeholders and the environment are based on complying with the national and international laws and regulations in force in the countries where it operates, as well as fulfilling the international commitments related to corporate social responsibility voluntarily subscribed to by the ACS Group. The Group also commits to carrying out all its business following the fundamental principles of: transparency, ethics and integrity.