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Our Company

Codelsur Proyectos is today the result of a solid and consolidated business trajectory of more than twenty-five years.

The Company was founded in 1985 by Santiago Rodríguez Díaz (Managing Director), first as a freelancer and later in its current corporate form, CODELSUR PROYECTOS S.L. With two tractors and many projects, the first executions of the company were in agricultural and aquaculture farms, working in that initial phase of company in earthworks. Over time CODELSUR PROYECTOS has covered a wide range of work areas in the Construction sector: Civil Works, Hydraulic Infrastructure, Irrigation and Building, both public and prívate sector. Under the name CODELSUR FACILIDAD complementary activities of Integral Services have been developed, the ADMINISTRATION OF PROPERTIES . The process has been oriented to sustainable growth and profitability, and always in the idea of creating a long-term relationship of trust with the client.

Mission, Vision and Values

  • MISSION: Reasonable, sustainable and profitable growth in the construction sector, with creation of value for our employees, public and prívate customers , and suppliers, with contribution to the development of the territories in which we operate.
  • VISION: To be the partner and one of the reference suppliers in the construction sector, chosen by both public administrations and private clients for the development of their projects, creating a long-term relationship of trust.
  • VALUES: People, commitment and work, vocation of leadership, responsibility and development. Wecommits to carrying out the following, the fundamental principles of: transparency, ethics and integrity.

Company Policies


CODELSUR PROYECTOS, S.L. created in the year 1996, is the result of a solid and consolidated business trajectory of more than twenty-five years, allowing us to offer a experienced and offer a high quality service to our customers. This Policy of Quality and Environment establishes as main axes, the improvement of the satisfaction of our clients in order to achieve a stable and collaborative link, and minimizing the impact that our activity may have on the environment.

Download our Quality and Environment policy in PDF format

CODELSUR PROYECTOS S.L has been implementing the Occupational Safety Management System for months, so in November we have been granted, after a rigorous audit, the Certification of the UNE OHSAS 18001 Standard with the number SST-0154/2018, for the most prestigious Certifier at national level AENOR. In this sense, our Company makes a qualitative leap in the service it provides to its customers and, above all, in ensuring the safety of its employees in the field of the activity we develop. Congratulations!

Download OHSAS 18001 Certificate in PDF format

CODELSUR is committed to the environment, in our lines of action we consider the responsible planning of projects in order to prevent and minimize the environmental impact of our activity. We believe in sustainable development. This commitment extends to all areas of the organization. We promote awareness among all our workers. CODELSUR has an environmental management system in accordance with the reference standard UNE-EN ISO 14001, certified by AENOR


The introduction of social responsibility criteria (economic, environmental, social and good governance aspects) is a guarantee for competitiveness, risk reduction, good governance and improved management of organizations. CODELSUR PROYECTOS S.L assumes these approaches and wants to introduce, within its management system, Social Responsibility, compatible with the creation of added value and which has an impact on the improvement of the organization in the medium and long term.

R + D + i

CODELSUR PROYECTOS S.L is managing the implementation of a R + D + i management system according to the UNE 166002 standard.
The implementation of a R + D + i Management system will systematize its R + D + i activities and integrate them into the general management of the company.

Tablón de anuncios

adjudicada reforma colegio alba plata a codelsur proyectos
Adjudicada obra Colegio Alba Plata

Adjudicada por 1,26 millones la obra de reforma del colegio Alba Plata de Cáceres. Los trabajos serán ejecutados por una UTE que forman las empresas Codelsur y Coedypro

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codelsur proyectos certificacion ohsas 18001
Codelsur Certificada OHSAS 18001

Nuestra empresa ha obtenido la Certificación de la Norma UNE OHSAS 18001 con el nº SST-0154/2018, por AENOR.

Un salto cualitativo en servicio y seguridad. Enhorabuena!

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Our Values

The Person is the most important.

We believe and encourage your safety. We promote development by principles, and as a mechanism for business development. We work as a team and in a climate of trust.

Commitment and work

We demand and demand a lot. We are in search of excellence, we improve continuously. We are interested in long-term relationships with our clients.

Leadership vocation

We encourage and value the contribution, the initiative and the assumption of responsabilities.

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